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Welcome to The Chef's Garden @Epicurean

Welcome to The Chef's Garden @Epicurean

Welcome to The Chef's Garden @EpicureanWelcome to The Chef's Garden @EpicureanWelcome to The Chef's Garden @Epicurean



 At the Hawkes Bay Farmer’s Market AGM in June 2019, Clyde Potter, owner of Epicurean Supplies, was awarded Life membership of the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market Inc. in recognition of his expertise, dedication, passion and long term comitment to the Market. Chairman Mal McLennan presented the award and noted Clyde’s long service to the Market… “Clyde along with his business Epicurean Supplies attended the market on Day 1 the 29th Oct 2000 and have been attending nonstop ever since. That is 864 markets. Only 6 Sundays off in 19 years for Xmas and New Year’s days during that period.

In that time Clyde has demonstrated a persistence and a resilience to the constant changes that are common in our industry. He has maintained his operating standards that are second to none and has created a business model that suits the Farmers Market operating environment as well as customers needs.

His dedication to the standards he demands probably come quite easy to someone like Clyde because they are part pf his DNA and are a natural extension of who he is.

He does not run his business along the organic or bio dynamic principals because it is trendy or because he can make a larger profit or because his customers ask it – he does it because deep down at the core of his being, it is who he is”.

Congratulations Clyde, the first member to be inaugurated as an Honorary Life Member and thank you for nineteen years of commitment to the Market!

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 At The Chef’s Garden @ Epicurean we grow a wide range of herbs and a selection of less common vegetables. Here is where you can find out more about our fabulous organic produce.